Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Why you shouldn't believe the Sue Kelly PR machine

Gee, Sue Kelly sure does make alot of noise regarding some of the pork that she brings to the district. The latest Kelly public relations effort is the publicity surrounding $400,000 in federal assistance to help pay for a $5 million senior citizen center in Putnam County. Now, there is no doubt that this project is needed and will benefit our seniors greatly. There is also no doubt that Rep. Kelly is using the formal announcement of this federal assistance to generate support for her re-election campaign. However, based upon her voting record, there is plenty of reason to doubt Kelly's committment to her fellow senior citizens.

You see, Sue Kelly has a history of voting against the best interests of senior citizens. In some instances her votes hurt our senior citizen community quite a bit. Examples of her contempt include voting for budget bills that cut Medicare funding and her support for the atrocious lobbyist written Medicare Part D legislation that have caused widespread consternation and financial difficulties for seniors. Kelly's voting record on senior citizen/retiree issues has been so bad that the Alliance for Retired Americans gave her a ZERO rating for 2005 and overall the ARA gives Kelly a lifetime score of only 8%. How could Kelly, who is a senior citizen herself, casue such harm to her fellow seniors?

Don't be fooled by the Kelly PR efforts to politicize such announcements. The question to Sue Kelly should be: how could you dare pretend to support seniors when you consistently vote against their best interests? Besides, if she was really that effective a legislator, she'd bring home a larger share of the $29 billion in pork barrel projects that were funded by Congress in 2005. Instead, we have an ineffective 'backbencher' as our Representative who has exhibited no leadership and gained very little influence in her six terms in the House of Representatives.

Prescription drug prices in the US are the highest in the world, even though the US govt. funds some of the R&D. Sue voted against an amendment that would have allowed re-importation of prescription drugs from places like Canada with many safety checks.

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