Monday, June 19, 2006


Sue to commuters: Drop dead!

We realize that Sue probably doesn't spend much time on Metro North. But presumably someone on her staff knows that there's a large number of people in the district who depend on the railroad every day. Which is why we were so confused to see Sue vote against a proposal that would have provided $30 million to invest in rail infrastructure and reduce congestion on the tracks -- some of the busiest of which run smack through the 19th on both sides of the river. As any commuter knows, particularly those who commute from Croton, finding a seat in the morning is often pretty tricky. And spending 45 minutes standing isn't particularly enjoyable once you're over, say, 20 years old.

Since Sue has rarely met a piece of pork -- and the corresponding photo-op that comes with it -- that she hasn't embraced, it's hard to believe that fiscal restraint prompted her to vote against the rail safety proposal. That leaves us with the only other alternative: her Republican bosses told Sue how to vote. After all, the measure failed by just seven votes even though 35 Republicans crossed party lines. So instead of sticking up for area commuters who live in her district, Sue essentially told us all to drop dead!

I suspect that if there were some big-monied special interest groups handing out generous campaign contributions Sue's vote could have been changed.
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