Friday, June 09, 2006


Sue Tackles Corruption

well... sort of.

Not moved by the 60 GOP officials who are connected to ubber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the trips funded by Abramoff-related organizations, or even her own connections to disgraced former GOP House Leader Tom "The Bugman" DeLay, Sue has now (finally) found her excuse to do something (well, issue a press release.. but it's something) about the culture of corruption in Washington.

No one is defending Congressman William Jefferson. But isn't it a bit odd that it took a member of the Democratic Party taking a bribe to get Sue to notice something is amiss?

“It’s wrong to shield members of Congress from thorough investigations when they are valid,” Kelly said. “Members of Congress must follow the laws when they are making the laws, or they should be held accountable.”
We agree. Which is why we'll once again call on Sue Kelly to return the dirty money she accepted from Tom Delay.

“Members of Congress must follow the laws when they are making the laws, or they should be held accountable.”

Hmmm, I guess Sue doesn't think that also applies to the Executive branch, either. You know, the same guys who brought you Valerie Plame, torture, signing statements, wiretaps without warrants, etc.

You didn't see Sue calling for Tom Delay's head on a pike when he got indicted, nor did the FBI carry out a midnight search of Tom's offices and seize all of his papers and computer. Now, today, on Tom's last day in office, where he's retiring to spend more time with his lawyers, oops, I meant family, NOW Sue gets her knickers in a twist about corruption? The House Dem leaders are calling for Jefferson to drop out of his committees, and have asked him to resign from Congress. Contrast that with what happened when Tom Delay was indicted, and the GOP leaders tried to change to rules so that Tom wouldn't have to give up anything. (Jefferson is resisting calls for him to step down from anything, claiming that he should be treated the same as the disgraced GOP members. He's got a point there, Duke Cunningham didn't quit anything until he pled guilty. Hot Tub Tom didn't get booted, and he only resigned so that he could use his campaign $$ for his legal defense. And folks wonder why I'm so cynical...)

C'mon, Sue, you're supposed to be working on behalf of all the citizens, not on behalf of the GOP. Why not call for Bob Ney to be accountable while you're still in office?
Well put Walter. Not only is 'mum' the word when a Republican politician's corrpution is exposed, but they change the House ethics rules to keep the corruption under wraps and not investigated. When a Democrat is accused, it's the Democrats themselves who call for action to investigate and act. They don't call it the Republican Culture of Corruption for nothing.
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