Wednesday, June 28, 2006


More Flip Floppin' Sue Kelly

Most recently is was the issue of labor fairness, this time the subject is congressional pay raises. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives considered a pay raise for members of Congress. In a procedural motion that would give House members a $3,300 pay raise Sue voted against the pay hike. Eager to seize the moment and enjoy some good publicity back home during her re-election campaign, Kelly played up her vote in the local press:
“Every year Congress votes itself a pay raise, a COLA, and I vote against it,” she said.
Funny thing though, Sue's opposition to the pay raise didn't last very long. It seems that the next day the pay hike was included in another House bill which Kelly had no problem voting in favor of.

So it seems that Sue Kelly was against the pay raise before she was for it. I just wonder why Flip Floppin' Sue didn't bother to issue a press release to the local news outlets explaining why she voted for the pay raise.

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