Monday, June 26, 2006


Another Sue Kelly Gift to the Very Wealthy

Every week, it seems, Sue Kelly does her darndest to provide more benefits for the very wealthy. The latest Kelly offering to the upper upper upper class is her vote to deeply cut the Estate Tax, commonly referred to as the "Paris Hilton Tax." Now, while these extremely well off families will benefit greatly from Sue's gift, just who do you think will be paying for it? That's right, the middle class will be forced to carry this burden on our shoulders. Over the next ten years this tax cut for the rich will reduce federal revenues by $284 billion. Given the modus operandi of the Republican leadership in Congress, the decreased revenues will likely be made up for by even more cuts to Student Loan Programs, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Programs, Homeland Security, etc. Also, included in this gift to the wealthiest families is a $900 million tax cut for timber companies. This giveaway to big business was added to the bill for the purpose of buying the votes of Senators from timber producing states who have been opposed to repeal of the Estate Tax. That is how the Republican-led congress works folks, and they are using your tax dollars to bribe other members of congress to give away the farm to the wealthy and big-business.

Some facts about the "Paris Hilton Tax." Under current legislation, only 12,600 estates will be subject to the tax this year (that's less than 1% of those who pass away). Under the new Republican legislation that number will be reduced to only 2,800 and the tax rate on those will be cut from 45% to as low as 15%. These tax cuts for the wealthy will cost the federal government $284 billion over the next ten years. That means less revenues for a federal budget that is suffering from record smashing deficits.

Now you may be wondering just who is behind the multi-million dollar campaign to repeal the "Paris Hilton Tax", well it didn't take long to research that information and no surprise here, the answer is the extremely wealthy families that will benefit directly from the repeal of the Estate Tax. Eighteen families worth a total of $185.5 billion have spent millions in campaign contributions to buy votes as well as funding attack ads against politicians who oppose their efforts. Not surprisingly, our own congresswoman Sue Kelly has decided to side with these 18 incredibly rich families and voted to provide them with billions of dollars in tax cuts.

Sue is constantly bantering about for favoritism among the wealthy and the corporate leaders, "letting" them help write legislation to benefit themselves (and Sue's campaign fund) so Sue can introduce it and then sell her vote on that same legislation. For example, the "partial reduction" of the death tax or estate tax as it is known. Or the Medicare-part D
bill. Everything for the corporation by the corporation, and then the wealthy. All the working families- the people- get is the bill. And after Sue keeps voting to raise the national debt ceiling ( 5 times ), this keeps spiraling upward. I cannot have November get here fast enough.
So Sue supports the right of these families to skip paying the Estate Tax...

Allyn-Soderberg Family (Welch Allyn Inc.)
Blethen Family (Seattle Times Co.)
Cox Family (Cox Enterprises, Inc.)
DeVos and Van Andel Families (Alticor/Amway)Dorrance Family (Campbell Soup Company)
Gallo (E&J Gallo Winery)
Harbert Family
Johnson Family (BET, RLJ Development Co.)
Koch Family (Koch Industries)
Mars Family (Mars Inc.)
Mayer Family (Captiva Resources)
Nordstrom Family (Nordstrom Inc.)
Sobrato Family (Sobrato Development)
Stephens Family (Stephens Inc.)
Timken Family (The Timken Company)
Walton Family (Wal-Mart)
Wegman Family (Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.)

Note that NONE of these families live here in the 19th. Oddly, George Soros DOES, and he has no problem with paying the estate tax. Neither does Paul Newman, a Connecticut neighbor. Neither do Bill Gates nor Warren Buffett.

I say BOYCOTT the products and services of the greedy ones who give so little back to the world and nation. And while we're at it, let's boycott Sue Kelly in November.

To paraphrase The Godfather in terms Sue can understand "It's just business, nothing personal." ...and when the bill gets paid out of OUR pockets, it's OUR business.
So Sue favors taxing live people and giving dead ones a free ride. Does that make sense to anyone?

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