Monday, June 05, 2006


Americans have low opinion of Sue Kelly's GOP

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll provides stunningly low opinion numbers for the President and the Republican led Congress. Some of the lowlights for the Sue Kelly enabled GOP:

The survey also listed 10 issues and the polling showed that on all 10 issues, Americans favored the Democratic Party to handle those issues over the Republican Party. In 9 of the 10 issues the Democrat's had a double digit advantage.

Sue Kelly has been a lackey for the Bush Administration and the Hastert/Delay (I know he just resigned) House of Representatives for too long, therefore, these dismal poll numbers reflect directly on her. This poll shows that Americans are onto Kelly and the many others like her who fail to represent the overwhelming majority of her constituents. It's time the 19th Congressional District elects new leadership in Congress and puts Kelly on the unemployment rolls.

Although Tom DeLay is supposed to leave Congress on June 9 - the House of Representatives is still and will remain the "Congress DeLay Built" unless we change that in November.

Tom DeLay is leaving a messy and dirty House. It is up to us to clean it up and toss out the debris of Republican corruption and incompetence. Let's start with our own Sock Puppet Sue, who lets her every move be dictated by the leadership of her Party.
"Only" 49%? That is just over 1% away from a majority of Americans approving how the Republican party is leading this country. If I were the Democrats I would not be crowing over a poll that shows 49% of Americans approve of Congress' performance.
Dear Peekskill voter -

Read the survey results again - the survey found that only 49% of REPUBLICANS approve of the Republican led Congress' performance. This means that less than half of the members of the Republican party think that the Republicans are doing a fair to decent job.
Perhaps you should pick up today's WSJ, Peekskill Voter, which puts Bush's approval rating in New York state at a scary 23%. Guess he won't be coming to the district to stump for Sue.

Congress, BTW, also ranks low with independent voters, which account for nearly 25% of the voters in this district. Still want to talk out of your butt?
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