Thursday, May 04, 2006


They can't even clean their own 'House'

In the wake of the myriad of Republican scandals that have come to a head this year, the GOP has been trying appeal to the public that they are the party of reform. However, it seems as if the only party that they are interested in is one involving cigars, limousines, poker and prostitutes. This attempt by the GOP to portray themselves as reformers who are intent on representing the American people over big business rings hollow and is best exemplified by the recent 'reform' legislation that was recently passed in a very close vote in the House of Representatives. This flimsy example of Republican 'reform' legislation passed by a vote of 217-213 with Republican enabler Sue Kelly siding with her fellow Republicans and voting Yes.

Fortunately, the press isn't buying into the Republican's version of reform. Some quotes from local publications:

The Journal News:
The ethics reform bill expected to be approved by the House Tuesday will do little to curb influence-peddling by lobbyists. It is far weaker than the Senate version with which it will have to be reconciled in conference committee if Congress is to have any ethics reform at all.

The New York Times:

But the measure falls short of what Republican leaders promised after the scandal involving the lobbyist Jack Abramoff rocked the Capitol in January. The chief Republican architect of the bill, Representative David Dreier of California, the House Rules Committee chairman, conceded that he wished that the measure "were stronger than it is."

Even Republican Rep. Chris Shays of CT is disgusted with the failing of his own party and admits that the Democratic party did a better job of offering true ethics reform.

Mr. Shays said after the vote that "the Democrats did a much better job of presenting a bill," and took aim at the new majority leader, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, who has been lukewarm to restricting travel. "This is not John Boehner's forte," Mr. Shays said. "This is not something he believes in."

Perhaps Democrat Rep. Brian Baird of Washington sums it up best when he says:

"We are cleaning up Congress the way teenagers clean up their bedrooms, and the result will be the same mess."

Once again Sue Kelly and her corrupt GOP leaders sell out the people she represents in order to stand behind the GOP and their ever so cozy relationship with lobbyists and big business. One just has to wonder how much money Sue has 'raised' this week by voting to continue the Republican Culture of Corruption.

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