Thursday, May 11, 2006


Sue Kelly Supports Fiscal Insanity!

Yesterday the House passed another $70 billion in tax cuts, almost all of which would benefit the very wealthy. The measure is expected to clear the Senate today. Of course, Sue Kelly voted along party lines, proving once again that she supports Fiscal Insanity.

There's a good summary of the impact of this legilsation here, courtesy of the American Progress Action Fund. It helped me and I hope that it will help you to understand that we cannot afford 2 more years of Sue Kelly's allegiance to duplicitous fiscal policy set forth by the Bush Administration.

According to the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, "The average tax cut for the 20 percent of households in the middle of the income spectrum would be just $20." Meanwhile, "For those with incomes above $1 million, the average tax cut would be $42,000." Overall, "the three-quarters of households with incomes below $75,000 would receive just 5 percent of the benefits". For the vast majority of people in NY-19, that works out to an extra $110. The Washington Post "described the impact as "Budgetary dishonesty, distributional unfairness, fiscal irresponsibility". So much for Sue's pledge -- first made back in 1994 -- that she was a fiscal conservative.

So, what tax break will you get? Will it even help to pay for gas?

Insanity is right. Kelly and her fellow conservatives continue to build upon their record of fiscal irresponsibility. With our huge budget deficits we're going further into debt in order to pay for these tax cuts for the wealthy.
Glad to see you here, Lizzy. Insanity, indeed.
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