Thursday, May 04, 2006


Sue Kelly: Empty Promises

While Sue Kelly is busy running for her seventh term in the House of Representatives, I'd like to take a little trip down Memory Lane. Back to a time when Republicans swept to victory in the House of Represenatives in 1994. That year GOP candidates for federal office conjured up the infamous "Contract With America." This 'contract' contained many promises to the American people, one of which concerned term limits. They coined this term limit pledge "The Citizen Legislature Act", this act was to limit Representatives to six terms in office. Sue Kelly was one of those Republicans who signed this 'contract' and was subsequently elected to office that year.

Now of course this act never became law, however you would think that those candidates who signed this 'contract' would stand by the spirit of such a pledge and not seek to stay in office past their sixth term. Well, it seems that many of the signatories to this 'contract' either have a poor memory or have become greedy and addicted to power and no longer wish to honor the spirit of their own pledge, a pledge that they used to convince voters to send them to Congress.

Sue Kelly, you signed the "Contract With America." You led us to believe that you were in favor of term limits (specifically no more than six terms for Representatives), yet here you are in 2006 running for a seventh term. Sue, was your "Contract With America" just an empty promise? How are your constituents ever to believe another word you tell us?

Nicely done, Henry...her word, indeed, cannot be trusted.
Don't forget the parts in the "Contract" about fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget. Sue seems to have forgotten those parts, too.
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