Friday, May 05, 2006


Smoke and mirrors...

We couldn't help but chuckle over Sue's need to tout her vote on a port security bill -- a bill that passed by a margin of 421 to 2! Talk about a bold move!

Meanwhile, a second, but related vote that would have required screening of 100% of all cargo entering the U.S. -- as opposed to the less than 5% that is currently screened -- failed by a vote of 202 to 222. Wanna hazard a guess as to which way Sue voted? Wait for it....yep she voted against it, even though six decidedly more principled Republicans crossed party lines on this critical issue involving our national security.

Of course, that didn't stop Sue from saying this in her press release: "ItÂ’s vital that we continue these efforts to address port security weaknesses and improve cargo screening measures both abroad and here at home."

Don't the people who live here in the 19th deserve something better than a Congresswoman who says one thing and votes something else?

Sue Kelly... doing everything she can to allow another terrorist attack.
Once again, Sue Kelly demonstrates her continued committment to doing nothing that will help her constituents and everything to help the bottom line of her corporate lovers. Her addiction to this type of funding clearly demonstrates, to me at least, her lack of knowledge regarding the wants and needs of the citizens she is supposed to represent.
Well, I doubt that even Sue wants another attack, but she sure as heck wouldn't want to inconvenience any corporations, nor cut back on pork in order to actually PAY for tighter measures, nor hold the administration accountable for their lack of accomplishments in homeland security. The government is currently frittering away almost $2 billion a day. One or two days less frittering would pay for an awful lot of port security. Guess Sue hasn't figured that out yet...
All things considered, as far as the posting about port security, I'm not sure I agree with this one. Being FOR increased port security is OK, but To vote for "100% inspection" is presently not realistic.
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