Friday, May 26, 2006


Memorial Day

As we ready ourselves for our holiday weekend plans, it's important to remember just what the purpose of the Memorial Day holiday really is. Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those men and women who gave their lives while serving our nation. We can choose to honor our fallen soldiers in many different ways - from participating in a parade, a prayer or a moment of silence, flying the stars and stripes, purchasing a red poppy from the VFW or however else we feel appropriate. No matter how we do it, it's important that the sacrifice they made is indeed honored.

In the meantime, while thousands of soldiers are being killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have seen far too much disrespect shown to those who serve our country. For example, placing our soldiers in harm's way when there is no immediate threat to our country, or, using false pretenses to justify a war. Cutting veteran's services and increasing fees for such services is another idea we should not even consider. Allowing our servicemembers, many who are struggling financially, to be forced into bankruptcy by predatory lenders should also be a big no no. Finally, efforts to shortchange our servicemembers by offering inadequate compensation and puny pay raises should be seen as a slap in the face of anyone who volunteers to risk life and limb in order to protect our nation.

Leadership in D.C. is lacking and it is time for a change. The failure of today's Republican party (who control both the Senate and the House) to honor and protect those who proudly serve our nation is glaring. We need to change the power structure and rid the Congress of Bush lackeys and enablers like Sue Kelly.

Thanks for the reminder.....
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