Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Fly on the wall....

If ever there was a time to be a fly on the wall, it was last month, when according to this article, Sue Kelly was invited to the White House for some wine and cheese with W. and Karl Rove.

Now, we don't know what was said and we're pretty sure Sue, who likes to claim that she's independent from Bush despite voting in lockstep with the president 75% of the time since 2001, isn't telling. But fellow Rep. Tom Cole, who hails from Oklahoma, which is considerably more conservative than NY-19, said that Bush "was very candid and forthcoming" and also said that "I want you to know we're going to win in Iraq," Cole said.

Did Sue tell Bush she was worried? Did she moan about Take19 like she did two weeks ago in a fundraising letter? We don't know. But here's your chance to play screenwriter. Send us a line or two of what you think Sue, W. and Rove talked about. We'll send the winner an official Take19 bumper sticker.

He said...

"Now Suzie... Q.... Ye know you have always been good ta me... I needja now more than ever... dontchoo go worryin' 'bout them New Yerk liberals... you jist keep doing what Karl and I tell ya... and things i'll be jist fine. I know yer weepy and all with Tommy boy gone, but we're still here fer ya... now go back home and wait fer us to tell ya what to do, ya here?"
Sue- Sir, I need your help on issues like port security, nuclear plant safety, and the environment. My constituents actually expect me to do something about those subjects!

Bush- See, that's the great thing about being President. I git to go on vacation, and if'n somethin' doesn't git taken care of, I git to blame it on Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, always high and mighty, demanding that we DO somethin' fer the people, whoever THEY are! Reckon you cain't do that like I can, can you?

Rove- Just keep issuing those press releases, even though they all deal with stuff that would have happened without you anyway, Sue. It makes it appear like you're on top of the issues. In the meantime, my staff is still looking for dirt on all those Democrats running against you, but they're having a hard time finding any. (Escorts Sue
to the door, while whistling "Still The One")
SK: It's an honor to meet with you, Mr. President.
W: Well, it's great to have you here.... what did you say your name was again?
SK: Kelly, Mr. President; Sue Kelly.
W: Right, right. And you're from...
SK: New York's 19th district, the mid Hudson River valley.
W: Hudson River, huh? How's the fishing up there? You know, I caught a
7-pound perch in the lake on my ranch.
SK: Well, I really don't know... I don't fish much...
W: Or was it a bass? I don't really remember. Karl!
KR: Yes, Mr. President?
W: Was that a perch or a bass that I caught that day on the ranch?
KR: I believe it was a bass, Mr. President.
W: Bass, then.. So, Suzie Q; I'm gonna call you Suzie Q, OK? So, Suzie Q, how
are things going up in the Imperial State?
SK: Um, things in the Empire State are ok, sir. There are some people who are
trying to put together an opposition campaign to my re-election but...
W: Well, don't you worry about that! Karl!
KR: Yes, Mr. President?
W: Suzie Q here is facing some competition back home. Give the NSA boys a call
and see what they can shake loose on the opposition; find out what any of 'em
are saying to "suspected terrorists", heh-heh, heh-heh, heh-heh
KR: Yes, Mr. President.
Let's all ask Frau Kelly whether she will go along with massive domestic spying. I bet she says no, but rolls over for the fascists as usual.

We must defeat her in this district. We may not get another election.
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