Thursday, May 18, 2006


Fiscally Inept: Sue Kelly and the GOP

Debt - a four letter word that many households throughout our land struggle with every day. For many it's hard to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. Quite a few succumb to the seeming necessity to further extend themselves in the hopes that someday things will turn around and their financial situation will improve. To Sue Kelly and the GOP, these people are considered irresponsible and reckless with their finances. Their disdain for such folks, as well as huge amounts of cash from the banking and financial industries, led them to create bankruptcy legislation which slammed the door shut on any chance many have of crawling out from under their mountain of debt.

You'd think that these all powerful Republicans who control both the legislative and executive branches of our federal government would practice what they preach. Well you'd be wrong. Instead, these hypocritical Republicans who make promises every election year to safeguard the taxpayers' money offer the worst possible examples of fiscal policy. This irresponsible behavior is made possible thanks to enablers in Congress. Enablers such as Sue Kelly.

In January of 2001, when George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States of America, our national budget was in fine shape. Thanks to years of a strong economy, revenues were up and we enjoyed a huge budget surplus. Since then, the Republican controlled Congress has turned our large surplus into a staggering deficit. Tax cuts for the wealthy, a massively expensive and incompetently planned "war on terror" and $223 million bridges to nowhere have led our nation into levels of national debt that one could have never imagined.

In the middle of last night (when the GOP likes to do these types of things), Sue Kelly and the Republican majority in Congress passed a shameful budget resolution. This resolution passed by a vote of 218-210 with twelve Republicans crossing over to side with the Democrats to vote no. In this resolution is the fifth increase to the federal debt ceiling in five years. This GOP legislation increases the debt ceiling to an astounding 9.6 trillion dollars. Yes, that is $9,600,000,000,000. Thirteen digits. Since 2001, the Republican Congress has increased the debt ceiling by 4 trillion dollars. Is this an example of the fiscal discipline that the GOP prides itself on? Is this how the GOP safeguards the taxpayers' money?

We can no longer afford to have Sue Kelly as our representative in Congress. It's time to Take 19 and rid ourselves of our irresponsible Congresswoman.

Thus has it always been.
A race gets a little tight, the party stuffs the local reps pockets with pork money. Buy some affection, buy some interest, buy some votes, hold on to the seat.
Two things, though. First, these pork appetizers are just that: appetizers. Big issues like education and health care and transportation drift. Second, am I supposed to take this seriously after a $70B tax cut to the super rich? And for a party that says it stands for lower taxes, let me remind them that the greatest tax of all is debt and the higher interest rates that come with it.
Thanks, Congresswoman, but no thanks.
Ed Fry
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