Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Welcome back...

Congress returns from its latest two-week recess today, which means that Sue is back on the job. We can only imagine all of the letters Sue will be writing to federal officials, like this one, and the important legislation she'll be sponsoring. After all, with the Cook Political Report rating Sue as an incumbent Republican with at least two vulnerabilities it's more important than ever for Sue to show that she's actually doing something for her district.

Based on the Congressional calendar, it will be a whole month before Sue's next vacation. Just in case you're keeping score, House members like Sue make just over $165,000 a year and get plenty of vacation time: this was their third week-long recess since returning to work from their six-week Christmas recess at the end of January. Are you starting to wonder how you might get a high-paying job with so much vacation time? Don't forget: members of Congress also get free health insurance and a taxpayer paid car, or, in Sue's case, an SUV. We'll assume that taxpayers are also paying for those $65 fill-ups too.

Isn't it time the people in the 19th had a representative in Congress who does something more than write meaningless letters and sponsor legislation that goes nowhere?

It seems that Sue really takes advantage of getting some R&R on her "recess" time, she certainly doesn't spend it meeting with ordinary constituents.

A group of us tried for a few weeks to get an audience with Sue (or at minimum her staff) during the latest recess to discuss co-sponsoring Federal legislation for an auditable and verifiable paper trail for every voter in the United States. Although not perfect, this is important legislation that would go a long way to protecting the right of all US citizens to have our votes accurately counted.

I was told Sue was "too busy" to meet with us. I was told her staff was "too busy" to meet with us. I asked her staffer to give me the next two or three dates when someone, anyone, would be available to meet with us and was told (via email) "that is not how we do the Congresswoman's schedule" - when I asked "How do you do the Congresswoman's schedule" - I got no response.

Does Sue ever meet with constituents who aren't lobbyists who have contributed to her war chest?

Let us know.
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