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Two questions...

Now that Tom DeLay has announced that he is leaving the House over the next few months, we wonder who Sue will turn to when it comes time to vote? After all, so far this year, an examination of Sue's voting record by Take19 shows that she voted with DeLay 65 out of 80 times. That's 81% for those math-phobics out there. Four of those votes were close ones, where Sue's vote clearly made the difference. So how did she do? She voted with DeLay every single time even when real moderates chose to cross party lines.

Indeed, she only bucked The Hammer on 10 votes, which in our book, isn't exactly the mark of a moderate. Remember: DeLay represents one of the most conservative districts in the country. And the Hudson Valley, a district Sue claims to represent, isn't exactly suburban Houston.

Which brings us to our second question: Will Sue finally return the $12,020 she's accepted from DeLay?

UPDATE: We should have mentioned yesterday that DeLay missed 5 of those 80 votes. So assuming he had been there, we're betting Sue's DeLay loyalty scorer -- special points to the person who comes up with a catchier name -- would have been even higher.

Maybe Tom will ask for the money back, for his legal defense fund...
Want to see where it happens? Google tom delay sue kelly jack abramoff Carole Goeas

Check the National Republican Congressional Committee (nrcc - Google it, links in comments aren't polite.) events calendar. Here's a few from September 2003.

September 9, 2003
5:30-6:30 PM Cocktail Reception / 6:30 PM Seated Dinner
Jack Abramoff, Kevin Ring, Michael Williams, Duane Gibson along with Special Guest Chief Deputy Minority Whip Eric Cantor Invite You to to a Reception and Dinner Honoring Congressman David Vitter (LA-01)
Signatures Restaurant, The Window Room, 801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC
$1,000 per PAC / Individual
Carolyn Machado (703) 266-5872 or machadoRSVP@aol.com

September 15, 2003
Join Congresswoman Sue Kelly (NY-19) for a Housing Industry Dinner sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders
The Georgetown Club, 1530 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington DC
Requested Contribution: $1,000
Carole Goeas (703) 684-8328 or Carole@GoeasAssociates.com

September 22, 2003
7:00pm Cocktails; 7:30 Dinner
Join Congresswoman Sue Kelly (NY-19) for Cocktails and Dinner Hosted by Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLP
Sam & Harry's, 1200 19th Street, NW
Carole Goeas 703-684-8328 or Carole@GoeasAssociates.com

September 17, 2003
6:30pm Reception, 7:30pm Dinner
Join ARMPAC/Majority Leader Tom DeLay for a Reception & Dinner
Barbour Griffith & Rogers, 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, 10th Floor
Reception: $1,000 per person/PAC; Dinner: $2,500 per person/PAC
Andrea Polci 202-661-6365 or AndreaP@bgrdc.com

How about an Annual, $1000 / plate Hudson River Swim with Sue Kelly sponsered by ...

Isn't it odd how Sue seems to have removed any trace of her fundraising from the web? She stopped listing her events on the NRCC site months ago, even though we know she's been fundraising heavily. So much for open government. We guess Sue doesn't want anyone to know who she's raising $$$ from.
The NRCC's event archives have been taken down but you can still find them through Google's cache.

There are two events that Sue probably wishes that she had not attended. The first is on March 23, 2004.

March 23, 2004
5:00-6:30 pm Join Congresswoman Sue Kelly (NY-19) for a Fundraising Reception
Offices of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, 800 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC
$1,000 PAC / $500 Individual
Heather Cutler (703) 684-8330 or Heather@GoeasAssociates.com

The significance of this is that Jack Abramoff was a Lobbyist at Greenburg Traurig although he was fired in March 2004. Maybe he didn't make Sue's fundraiser....

The second event of interest occurs in July 2004.

July 22, 2004
5-7 pm Please Join Congresswoman Sue Kelly for a reception in support of the Hudson Valley Victory Fund with Special Guest Majority Leader Tom DeLay
Charlie Palmer Steak House, 101 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC
$1000/Host; $500/PAC or Individual - Please make checks payable to: Hudson Valley Victory Fund, 1707 Prince Street, #7, Alexandria, VA 22314
Heather Cutler at (703) 684-8330 or heather@goeasassociates.com

Obviously, Sue would rather have had a different guest of honor, one who won't be saying 'yes your honor' quite so often.
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