Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Sue's World Tour... Cancelled

Poor Sue.

All packed up and ready to go on a fun filled trip to Quatar when the State Department throws a monkey wrench into her vacation plans.

Did the State Department withdraw support for her jaunt to the Gulf because, as Sue's spokesmodel claims, her criticism of the Adminstration's support for Quatar hit a little close to home (wait, I thought she wasn't in campaign mode?)?

Or, is the truth far more obvious, that the State Department dropped its sponsorship of Sue's junket because it was ... well... a politically motivated junket?

The Times Herald-Record might have the answer:
A State Department spokesman denied any link between the criticism and the canceled trip, which was first reported in Monday's New York Post. The agency withdrew its sponsorship after questions were raised by the House Ethics Committee, said the spokesman, Noel Clay. The Ethics Committee did not return a call for comment.
Considering how far out of step she is with the voters of the 19th Congressional District, can you blame Sue for wanting to be anywhere but here at home?

Can I lend Sue my passport? Maybe when she gets over there she can run for office. I am certain right-wing cultural conservatives will be in power in Quatar for many years to come. Sue will be right at home.
She's not complaining TOO loudly, so I think that she really doesn't care if she goes or not. What she WOULD care about is looking like she's bucking the administration, like "Look, they won't let Sue go and investigate the administration's buddies! She must be working on OUR behalf!" If she just went, nobody would notice or care, and I'm sure she wouldn't really accomplish anything anyway. This way, she gets to look like a crusader without actually doing anything nor going anywhere!

Maybe we can get the State Dep't to let her go, but only give her a one-way ticket?
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