Thursday, April 27, 2006


Sue's scream....

It seems do-nothing Sue has decided to do .... something... and give us here at Take19 a well deserved shot of free publicity. Thanks Sue!

So for those of you who read about us in Sue's three-page long scream(pdf file) (Wait...we thought Sue wasn't focused on the campaign yet!) and are just joining us, we'd like to welcome you to Take19, a web site dedicated to giving the residents of New York's 19th Congressional District the real deal on Sue, in the hopes of getting someone elected who is not in the pocket of special interest PACs like the oil and gas lobby or the banking lobby or the credit card industry or, well, you get the idea.

If you're looking for some information on Sue's voting record, check out this link to the Washington Post's Congressional votes database and see how many times this so-called moderate cast key votes on legislation that just eeked by.

And over on the left side you'll find links to the six candiates running for the Democratic nomination, as well as links to progressive organizations throughout the 19th CD.

Hmmm... come to think of it, we guess Sue finally did something good for her constituents.

An epic battle, huh Sue? Thanks so much for that. Really... made my day.

This epic's for you Sue:

In the year our Lord, two thousand and six, all was not well in the great valley. In a land, far, far, away a band of warlords cast a dark spell over a once great kingdom that gleemed with brightness from sea to sea. And while these warlords were sitting in their castle, enjoying the spoils and riches that came from their plunder of all things great, they bequeathed certain portions of the kingdom to regional henchmen who they knew would follow the edicts handed down from their defiled castle. The region of the great valley was one such place, where darkness rules and the masses suffered.

But alas, hope emerged in the form of six mere mortal warriors, whom having dared challenge the warlords and their henchmen, were able to rally the farmers, the shopkeepers, the artisans, the scholars, and the elders. As they waged their battle against the darkness that had engulfed the great valley, the masses arose and took their lives into their own hands, standing for right and challenging the blind law of the warlord’s local henchman.

As the six mortal warriors and the brave masses knew would happen, the always loyal henchman and her rich industrialist financiers, decided they would strike back and summon help from the land of black gold.

And so the epic battle begins with the forces of righteousness standing up to the dark hand of greed, power, and lust. The battle has begun and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
Here is the video link to the recent Democratic forum held in Croton:
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