Thursday, April 20, 2006


Mc-Bush Supports Runaround Sue

Sue Kelly recently appeared at a fundraiser with Sen. John McCain in Hopewell Junction, NY. Just at a time Ms. Kelly is attempting to recast her conservative voting record as moderate, Sen. McCain is “ Emphasizing His Conservative Bone Fides”, NY Times 4-9-06, also reported in USA Today 4-10-06. According to the Times, McCain now supports the Bush tax cuts he denounced in the past; he supported the Dubai port sale. Mr. McCain is now best friends with the Rev. Jerry Falwell; he is pro-life and supports the South Dakota law prohibiting abortion; and it was reported (same article) he encourages the teaching of intelligent design in lieu of evolution. John McCain does not support same sex marriage but he does support Sue Kelly. Conservatives beget Conservatives, not moderates.

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