Friday, April 07, 2006


A helping hand...

We all need a helping hand now and then. But when Sue votes to cut $12 billion from federal student loan programs -- as she's done three separate times -- and then makes a big show out of finding $1.14 million to help the Dutchess County Airport, it makes us wonder about Sue's real priorities.

Granted, she needs to show that she's doing something for the district, which is why her office keeps putting out these silly press releases talking about all of the money she's bringing home. (We're still waiting for the release where she touts her misguided budget votes or any of the other votes she's taken with indicted former House Leader Tom DeLay). But since Dutchess County Airport lost its last commercial carrier five years ago, it's not really clear who Sue's money is benefiting. After all, as this story notes, the airport's main purpose is to provide helicopter flights to "the rich and famous".

So while we're all for bringing money back to the district, it would be nice if it could help people who actually need the help. We're quite sure that without much effort, Sue could find some needy students who can no longer afford their college tuition, thanks to her votes. Of course, that would mean she'd have to own up to her vote. Issuing press releases is obviously much easier.

Help me out here:
Part of me thinks that if Sue Kelly spent half the time actually working at her job as she does putting out press releases claiming credit for the stuff she had no hand in, we'd all be better off.
The other part of me knows that if Sue Kelly were simply removed from her job entirely, then we'd really be better off.
Let's hire someone new who starts off with a sense of what's important, and the good judgment to take it from there.
She definitely gets more vacation time than we who work for a living in her district. They were just off for a whole week for St. Patrick's. Geez, even Tip O'Neiil didn't take a week of for that! Now, they're off again for 2 weeks! Yeah, it's because the Republicans need to get out in their districts to campaign, they must be VERY worried that they'll lose the majority in November. Let's do our best to make their nightmares a reality!
While I appreciate the sentiment, don't you feel safer just knowing that Congress is in recess? Given the amount of damage this Republican Congress has done, wouldn't we all be better off if they just stayed home until we can vote them out?
Good point, nyspotlight! I guess if they're not in session, they can't vote for that disaster of a budget, among other things. Also, they won't be confronted with the dilemna of supporting what DeLay says to vote for, or what's good for America. A good article here from the CFAP...
I think the less time sue spends actually working the better! Time to dump Bush's man in Westchester! Yeah I said it, 'Bush's man...'

Love the blog, keep up the good work!
It's time to rally and get one candidate. Let's defeat thishorrible, horrible Congresswoman.
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