Saturday, April 15, 2006


Dear Sue: welcome to reality!

We were beginning to wonder what happened to Sue during this latest Congressional recess (that's the third one since the end of January for those who are keeping track) when she surfaced yesterday to declare that the economy was doing great just because the national unemployment rate dropped. While we can understand the need to tout rosy job numbers, even if very few of those jobs were created here in the 19th, most of the people in the district are probably a lot more concerned about the cost of a gallon of gas, which went up a whopping 25% this week.

So we'd like to make a little suggestion: instead of touting national unemployment numbers to make the economy look brighter than it really is, perhaps Sue should think about doing something about this. Of course, that might mean returning the $3,000 she took from ExxonMobil's PAC during the current cycle. Still, something doesn't make sense in a world where the very same week that we learn about an oil exec making $144,000 a day, our gas prices jump 25%.

Oh, she must be very, very busy on this "recess" ;o)

A group of us have been trying to get an appointment with her (more likely, with one of her staff) while she is back up here to be with her "constituents" to talk about some proposed legislation But after phone calls, fax and email to her scheduler, we haven't even gotten the courtesy of a response yet.

Maybe our group needs to form a PAC and donate $$ to Sue's campaign in order to "rent" her time? Could that be the only way to get her attention?
Not to split hairs, but when you point out that Sue received $3,000 in this cycle from Exxon/Mobil, you might mention that she also got money both directly from the PACs of other oil companies (like Marathon Oil)and even more indirectly, through what I like to call the money-laundering PACs.
For example, she got plump contributions from both the Rely on Your Beliefs ("ROY B") PAC ($5,000 on 11/8/2005) and the "Texas Freedom Fund" (another $1500 on 11/10/2005.)

I call these money-laundering PACs, because they take money from other PACs, such as the oil-industry PACs, and then give money to Sue, so the other PACs names, or the full amount of their cash gifts, doesn't show up on Sue's FEC reports.

In this case, the ROYB PAC, which gave Sue $5,000, got a pile of money from Marathon Oil and Valero Energy (a major oil producer), as well as from both Enron (remember them?) and our friend Entergy (which runs Indian Point.)

The Texas Freedom Fund also got money from Enron,and gets money from Entergy, Marathon and Valero.

So Sue gets a lot more support from the folks who are raising your gas prices than just ExxonMobil's measly $3 grand.
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