Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sue hearts Halliburton...

Ah, spring...when Congress' thoughts turn to love. And what better way to show just how big their hearts are then by planting a big sloppy wet one right on Halliburton's lips? We speak, of course, of this vote on Thursday, which basically said the Republican-controlled Congress is A-OK with companies that rip off taxpayers. Though 11 Republicans crossed party lines and voted to limit future contracts to Halliburton, Sue's vote once again shows that she's pro-graft and corruption. Oddly enough, Sue's vote was taken on the same day that this story broke about how a Halliburton subsidiary failed to purify water for the troops in Iraq. Guess that like GW Bush, Sue and her fellow hacks don't spend much time reading the news, either.

Now what could possibly prompt Sue to vote against putting limits on Halliburton? Hmmm..let's think about this for a millisecond. Could it be money? Bingo! The NRCC, which gives money to Sue's campaign, is flush with Halliburton cash. Ditto for Roy Blount's Rely on Your Beliefs PAC, which has given $5,000 to Sue during the 2006 cycle.

Don't the people in the 19th deserve someone better than a Congresswoman who does Halliburton's bidding?

Just thought I'd let you guys know when I was in DC a few weeks ago Matt Stoller from was doing a training session at this training I was at, and he talked about the effectivness of the Take 19 blog.

Keep up the good work!
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