Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hard at work?

With Congress off this past week for St. Patrick's Day -- remember: this was Congress' second week-long vacation since returning from their six-week holiday recess on Jan. 31 -- Sue was determined to show that she's really hard at work. As she flitted around the district in her Chevy Tahoe that we're all paying for, Take19ers were there to greet her.

One Take19er, who happens to be a registered Republican, attended her tax information workshop at Marist College on Thursday, though there wasn't much work (or even useful information) to be had there. Nor did many people even bother to show up. Still, Sue got some face time on Cablevision, which is all that really matters, anyway. After all, doing something isn't nearly as important as looking like you're doing something. Says the observer: "Other than smiling for the cameras, Sue was fairly mute. And it dawned on me how inappropriate it is for a Congressperson to be barnstorming across her district with an employee of the IRS for photo opts at a function set up solely for that purpose."

Another Take19er was there on Wednesday, when Sue attended a meeting that the local media said she had set up with Homeland Security officials over concerns at Indian Point. Though the meeting was closed to the public, this observer was unimpressed with Sue's contributions. Still, once again, nothing actually needs to get done as long as it looks like something is getting done. And using that methodology, Sue clearly scored with this article and accompanying picture. Notice Sue's look of concern.

Finally, on Friday, Sue hosted another tax workshop at Heritage Hills in Somers. A Take19er who attended and asked Sue what she described as a relatively simple question was unimpressed with Sue's answer.

Three different people. Three different events. All came away with the same impression of Sue: lots of talk, lots of furrowed brows for the cameras. But never any real results. Don't the people of the 19th deserve better?

Hard work...if you can get it.
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