Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A gentle nudge?

So we learn, via a letter on Jeff Cook's site that Cook has decided not to challenge Sue in a Republican primary this fall. We're sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the Republican party pushing him out of the race or with the fact that Log Cabin Republicans, an organization where Cook worked as national field director, were worried that supporting him would only weaken Sue. What was surprising, however, was a quote in this brief that ran in the Times Herald-Record:

"She's the only candidate that supports small government," Cook said. "In a year like this, Republicans need to really rally around our candidate."

Are we talking about the same person? We don't think so. After all, Kelly has voted repeatedly to expand the federal deficit while at the same time voting to cut vital services, like federal student loans, for people in the district. But don't take our word for it. After all, we're the opposition. Read here what some folks -- bona-fide conservatives on redstate.com -- think about Sue. We particularly liked this comment:

He (Cook) has the advantage of opposing the dimmest bulb of the NYS Republican delegation. Ten years in office and I could barely even remember what she has done, aside from warm up a back bench.

In his own polling, Cook found that Kelly's favorable rating by her own constituents was a meager 41% and that she's 22 points behind President Bush - a pretty scary place -- amongst likely Republican voters. So is it any real surprise that Cook has decided not to run? The only real question is: who pushed him?

The Republican Party that Cook ascribes to does not exist. The Republican Party of today is a pro-government, invasive big brother, that listens to your phone calls, subpeonas your medicial records, denies you prescripotion drugs, keeps a close eye on your bedroom, spends your tax dollars unwisely, and has brought us to the verge of national bankruptcy. This is Sue Kelly's Republican Party, not Jeff Cook's. Jeff my friend, the Democrats are more in line with you on both fiscal matters and social issues.

If you were true to your principals and ideolody you would bolt the Republican Party of today.
IIRC, Jeff Cook is a Log Cabin Republican. One thing I could never get is how ANY gay person could be a Republican? Join the Dems, Jeff, whatever you want to do is your own business, and we don't preach about gays undermining the "sanctity of marriage" (BTW, another subject near and dear to Sue's heart, to keep it on topic), while we're in the midst of a divorce caused by our own infidelities. We leave that stuff to the Repub hypocrites...

BTW, don't change parties and then run as a Dem, not this cycle at least. We've got too many horses in this race right now, and we don't need any more.
now that cook is out of the race it's time for the dems to get behind one candidate hasn't anyone ever heard of machiavelli?
Amen, markopt! Out of the 5 Dems only Aydelott and Shuldiner have a decent bankroll. Hall gets notice and name recognition from the press because he was in a band. The first two have gotten very little notice by the press, and Mr. Hall's $$$ are mostly from himself and a few high profile celebs (according to the FEC filing as of 12/31) Mr. Hall needs to get more grassroots funding, and Ms. Aydelott and Mr. Shuldiner need to get out more. Messrs. Martirano and Rigger should probably drop out sooner, rather than later, if only to keep whatever loyalty they've already garnered from tainting the remaining Dems.

(At least the Dems have a REAL chance this time, not like the last candidate...)
now that cook is out of the race it's time for the dems to get behind one candidate

hmmm....perhaps what cfinnie at MyDD has to say might make people think twice about this brilliant statement made by Markopt.

Blowing $1 million to defeat a Democrat
Imagine how many candidates the DCCC could have supported in the general election. Imagine how many seats the Democrats might pick up in the house if they backed existing candidates with viable local support.

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