Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Flip, Flop...Flip. Sue against, then for, and now, once again, against Port Security

For the past four and one half years, Sue has consistently voted against measures to make our ports more secure. Then, when the Dubai Ports deal hit the fan, she jumped Bush's ship and hopped on the political bandwagon along with the rest of her right wing friends, and slapped the President on the wrist.

Well, It's back to business-as-usual.

WASHINGTON Mar 15, 2006 (AP)--Republicans blocked a Democratic effort Wednesday to force House votes on expanding government scrutiny of foreign investments, the latest fallout from a Dubai-owned company's failed bid to run some U.S. port operations.


In both the House and Senate, Democrats have long pushed for more money for ports only to have the Republican-controlled Congress reject their efforts, largely along party lines.

Is it time to vote for making those tax cuts for the top 1% permanent? Bet Sue'll be on board with that one.

So, Sue voted against the Sabo budget amendment, which would have allotted a few billion for port security, but she voted to approve the budget itself, which contains even MORE money for SDI (also known as Star Wars!) Correct me if I'm wrong, but does SDI even work? Did Osama attack us with ICBM's, or boxcutters? Why do we need that boondoggle which will not keep us safer, and we cut funding for port security, which WILL keep us safer?


Don't have an answer for that, Walter...and I bet SUe doesn't either.

So many few answers.
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