Monday, March 20, 2006


Congratulations, Representative Kelly! you and your right-wing cohorts for raising the debt limit to $9,000,000,000,000.00. Quite an accomplishment...especially from a group that has traditionally run on fiscal restraint and smaller government.

Didn't you all inherit a surplus of $87 billion in 2000 from Bill Clinton? Doubly impressive!

and no candidate from CD 19 is not listed here

Hey, Lizzy...

Good to see you.
Who among us, in our household budget, would run up so much credit card debt as to jeopardize even being able to take care of essentials like, housing, food, etc. Would our response to this type of dilemna be to ask the credit card company for a higher credit limit? No, we'd cut out the extras, like the landscaping war with the neighbors, or sell that turbocharged SDI truck, in favor of that underappreciated, needs-some-maintenance, high-MPG troop carrier. We'd cut out giving money to contractors, and doing our own chores. We wouldn't give extravagant gifts to our rich neighbors.

If we wouldn't do any of this stuff in our own household, why would we support ANY politician who insists on running the nation this way?

Sue thinks that all of us here in the 19th support her obsession with supporting her party's talking points and blind allegiance to "their" President. If she had learned way back in the "days of Newt" that we have many concerns that are not being addressed in Washington, then maybe we wouldn't be looking to replace her. Empty platitudes and photo-ops do not make an effective government.
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