Friday, February 10, 2006


Take19 Gets Some Ink

Take19 has been getting some press this past week and our effort to project our message beyond this blog has been meeting with some success. Case in point, today's article in the Journal News.

Here's a taste:

Take19, a group organized to unseat U.S. Rep. Sue Kelly of Katonah in November, has officially launched its campaign in the wake of the six-term Republican's decisive vote in support of the Bush administration's $39.5 billion budget-cutting package that makes tax cuts permanent, while slashing spending on education, Medicare and Medicaid.

A grass-roots organization with about 45 volunteers, many of whom are Democrats, Take19 members say their goal is to reveal Kelly to voters as a politician who votes with the right wing of the Republican Party when in Washington but presents herself as a moderate to her constituents in the 19th Congressional District, which includes all of Putnam County and parts of Dutchess, Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties.

"Our purpose is to expose her for the right-wing, radical Republican that she is," Michael Morey, the group's spokesman and chairman of Peekskill's Democratic Party said yesterday.

To help them do that, they have started a blog at the Web site

One of the joys of blogging is that one can respond immediately to what one reads in the newspaper or on the web, and I'm going to take advantage of that here.

Let me begin with this:

Kelly's spokesman, Kevin Callahan, said the former teacher is not engaging in campaigning for re-election so early in the political season but is concentrating on issues that include helping small businesses, energy costs and terrorism.

If Sue Kelly isn't "engaging in campaigning for re-election so early in the campaign season," then why did she accept a truckload of campaign cash last year from banking and credit card PACs and then vote for the incomprehensable, pro-banking-and-credit-card industry Bankruptcy Bill? Selling your vote Collecting campaign money sure sounds like campaigning to me. (more on the links between her fund raising and voting record in another post).

I also see that her spokesperson says she is " costs and terrorism." Actually, I agree that her policies ARE helping energy costs...RISE. And her support of the ill fated Iraq Invasion has helped terrorism...INCREASE.


"Many Republicans voted for budget restrictions in the interest of fiscal responsibility," Callahan said. "This is being politicized."

If Republicans like Sue Kelly were REALLY interested in fiscal responsibility and not politics, they wouldn't support making Bush's deficit exploding tax cuts permanent at the expense of our education, health and security. It's not politics, it's priorities.

During the next nine months, Take19 will be doing all it can to help cut through Sue Kelly's well financed spin machine and present the facts about her priorities and record. It's nice to have our message heard, but this is just the beginning.

You can involve yourself in taking back our democracy, taking back our representative government, and taking back our great 19th district, by spreading the word about our blog and our organization. Together, we can win.

Sue's votes being polticized? Imagine that! Too bad it's not true, Callahan. We're just trying to make people aware of her true voting record, the one people like you try to spin beyond recognition. The beauty of the web is that anyone can see that Sue voted three separate times since November to make the largest cuts ever in federal student loans. That's simply wrong, plain and simple.
Sue Kelly gets her "moderate" image because of selected votes she makes on bills that the Republicans have plenty of votes for - so they don't need her. But we've found a consistent pattern - when the vote is close, and other moderate Republicans vote on the Democratic side, Sue stands by the right wing of her party and votes the way Tom Delay, or his facsimile, tells her to vote.
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