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Sue says: Up with PACs; down with people!

A quick glance at the 2005 year-end fundraising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission shows an interesting trend:

Sue Kelly received most of her financial support from PACs and lobbyists; not people. To be exact, 51% ($446,650) of the funds she raised were from corporate lobbyists and other special interests while only 49% ($442,991) was from individuals, including the people here in the 19th that she supposedly represents. Which, of course, begs the question, "Who does Sue really represent?" And there's still the matter of that $12,000 in Tom DeLay ARMPAC cash that Sue still refuses to return...but we digress).

Leaving aside contributions from PACs (don't you wish Sue would?), she trailed badly in fundraising from individual contributors in 2005. According to her year-end FEC report filed last week, Sue raised only $442,991 from individuals for the entire year of 2005, while her Democratic challengers raised at least $515,914...and that was during only a small portion of the year. That's a 55%-45% victory for the Democratic challengers when it comes to real people. (In fact, if you count individuals who are supporting her Republican challenger, Jeff Cook , she fares even worse, trailing 44-56.) That's a lot of support for dumping a six-term incumbent. Obviously, the 19th is on to Sue, and getting tired of the same old status quo.

Meanwhile, a closer look at Sue's fundraising reveals this fascinating fact:

Even her individual contribution figures are misleading. Nearly $70,000 of those receipts came from individuals listed from addresses outside the 19th District, including maxed-out contributions from people in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Texas and California.

No wonder she votes consistently against the best interests of the people in her own District. They don't seem to be the ones paying for her campaign.

Corporations over constituents. There you go. GOP way of life.
Thank goodness the Democratic party doesn't take money from corporate interests. Oh wait - they do the same thing. DEM way of life?
And who are these California, Texas and Virginia donors, giving thousands to the campaign of a New York Representative? Sounds very fishy to me
Sounds fishy to us too. That's why we wrote about it.

And to the other anonymous poster: nobody is saying that Dems don't do this. But this blog isn't about them. It is about Sue Kelly. I'm sure that without much effort, you can find plenty of blogs where you can rail on about the Democrats.

If you read the post, the dem challenges have raised more money from PEOPLE than PACs and Lobbyists...(as have the national parties, by the way).

PAC and Lobby money is THE problem with matter the side of the aisle.

And since SUE is a master practitioner of this gambit, she won't get my support...and that would go the same for any dem, as well.

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Some of Sue's recent PAC donations are from rather unsavory characters. According to FEC records, Sue took $5,000 from Rep. Bob Ney's PAC, the unfortunately-named Rely on Your Beliefs PAC. Ney, you'll recall, was too slimey even for House Republicans, and they thought better than installing him as the Hammer's replacement. Note that Sue has been rather cozy with Rep. Ney, taking at least $8,000 from him over the years, and supporting his measures like a good lackey.

FEC record:
Tomorrow the Band of Brothers are going to Rally in DC.

If you are in the DC area tomorrow - February 8th please consider going to rally with them

Max Cleland with be there.

As I said before, I will say it again, you really should consider removing the blog owner approval for comments.

If Take 19 wants to generate conversation among concerned citizens they will fair better with out the blog monitoring comments.

Remember we stand for Freedom of Speech...and if speech by the trolls becomes distruptive you simply remove them.

Did the Republicans do just that with Cindy Sheehan at the SOTU??
Sean: Rely on Your Beliefs PAC is actually Roy Blount's PAC, not Bob Ney's. Only in Washington do lawmakers name PACs after their first names.

Lizzy: Moderation will stay on for now. Take19 is a volunteer organization. We've tried it before without moderation and none of us have the time to police the libelous or downright false statements some people insist on making. We'll note that most other blogs, including the biggies like DailyKos and MyDD, require people to register and wait 24 hours before being able to post.
I take this as a very encouraging sign, the Dem challengers really have the people behind them, and at an early stage of the game.

Just think, if 10,000 ordinary people in the 19th each give just $25 to a candidate challenging Sue Kelly - that's $250,000! Not enough money to win on its own, but I think we can find at least that many people at $25 - and lots more ordinary people willing to contribute larger amounts. Then we can have a candidate that isn't bought and paid for by special interests. When you think about the $25 as an investment in your future, it doesn't seem so impossible, what with 160,000 plus Dems, Greens, Liberals, Independants, etc. in the 19th.
The Rely on Your Beliefs PAC that gave money to Sue is not Roy Ney's, but Roy Blunt's. Get it? ROYB stands for Roy Blunt. Blunt is DeLay's protegee - big surprise that he is supporting Sue. Luckily he lost in his bid for Majority Leader to replace DeLay.
John Hall receives campaign's first endorsements.

Hall was endorsed by:

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill
"I am honored to have worked side by side with John when we both served on the county legislature. John Hall was the most energetic, the brightest, the most responsible and the most compassionate Member. We need John Hall's leadership here and now."

Dutchess Democratic Chair Joe Ruggiero

Dover Plains Democratic Committee

Andy Mele - Indian Point expert.
We'll note that most other blogs, including the biggies like DailyKos and MyDD, require people to register and wait 24 hours before being able to post.

Registering to post an article is quite different than commenting.

I am a registered poster.
I remember looking at Open Secrets one time, and noticed that Sue had a high percentage of donations from a Zip Code in PA. Hmmm, curious... Anyway, some more digging revealed that the largest employer in that town was (Gomer Pyle- "Surprise, surprise!") an insurance company! You can guess which committee Sue belongs to. Hope they got their money's worth, because that's gonna change in November!

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