Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sue goes ga-ga over W!

We realize that W is a celebrity and that the State of the Union can be exciting for a few diehards. But, it was a more than a little bit embarrassing to watch our 69 year-old Representative fawn (with a capital F) over W as she sought his autograph last night.

Note to Sue: he's not Mick Jagger. He isn't even Bono. And besides, with all those votes you've taken that are in lock-step with Bush's misguided policies, like cutting more than $12 billion from federal student loans, it's a bit surprising to us that you had to act like some crazed fan to get a simple autograph.

Can we call her what she is?

George Jack Tom Dick Kelly?
For those who are interested, the page 2 story on John Hall from yesterdays NY Post

Has been picked up by the United Press International (UPI) wire and is being broadcast nationwide!
"It feels like the governor's offering a $400 bounty for 'no' votes on school budgets.

Yes, indeed.

Pataki budget shifts onus to local taxpayers

Is this putting taxpayers who have children in private school against public school taxpayers??

Yes, indeed.
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