Thursday, February 02, 2006


Pushing it over the edge...

Yesterday, the House voted to cut nearly $40 billion from the budget for vital programs. The vote was 216 to 214 -- closer than the two previous votes to cut the budget that will see the largest cuts in federal student aid -- $12.7 billion -- and additional cuts in funding for Community Colleges (like the one pictured to the right), Medicaid and child support enforcement.

The vote was so close because 13 Republicans, including our neighbor to the north, Rep. John Sweeney (NY-20), who's not exactly known as a warm and fuzzy guy, decided to side with sanity. But not Sue. Indeed, as Hotline Online reported, Sue cast the vote that pushed it over the edge. That's right: she was vote #216.

So despite her photo ops and useless press releases touting her pro-education stance, thousands of college students in this district -- and every other district -- will now have to fork over more money to pay for college. If you live in this district, be sure to send Sue a thank you note (or call). And be sure to send us the response. We love to post her useless responses. Heck, we may even hold a contest.

P.S. Take19 officially went public today. You can download our press release here.

Also, read the DailyKos Diary about the take19 announcement:
Announcing Take19: A Model for Progressive Netroots Organizing
SO nice, she voted on this bill twice....

this is the second time she cast a vote for these cuts. Wonder how much Delay/Abramoff dirty money she got to do their dirty work.
Once again Sue demonstrates that the only thing she cares about is the Congressional leadership and its needs.
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