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Let's Play: Follow The Money

Earlier, we noted that Sue Kelly raises more campaign cash from PACs than she does from people, and far more than she does from actual constituents here in the 19th Congressional District. Wouldn’t you just love to know what kind of PACs she takes money from, and how she’s helped their pet causes?

So would we, so it's time to play, Follow The Money, or, Who's Sue's Daddy?"

Here are the rules, and if we all play nice, we can all be winners:

1. Go to the official website of the Federal Elections Commission, and look up Sue’s latest campaign finance report. Look over her list of PAC contributors.

2. Pick a PAC, look ‘em up, and see what you find.

3. When you find one that’s really fun (or disturbing) report the results of your search by dropping us an email at take19(at)

4. The best entries simply get the satisfaction that you’ve done something for your country.

5. We all win!

To get you started, let's do one together. (We'll include photos of actual screenshots as we go along. Click on the photos to enlarge).

Let's Play!

First, go to that FEC website. This is what you'll find:

Fill in the information as shown...2005-2006, Kelly, New York, House, 19, Republican, Incumbent. Then click "send query," and you'll be shown the one-line report that tells you about Sue’s net receipts of $893,715 through the end of 2005:

Now, click on “Sue Kelly” at the left side of the report line, to get to her summary statement.

Now you can see that more than half of her receipts were from “Non-Party (e.g. PACs) and other Committees”. To see which PACs love Sue, just click on “Non-Party (e.g. PACs) and other Committees”, and see what comes up!

MY GOODNESS, there are a lot of them. So many to investigate. And a lot of them seem to have her on an allowance...with checks coming two, three, four times a year! Nice work, if you can get it.

Look at all those banking and credit bureau PACs coughing up the dough. Can anyone spell BANKRUPTCY BILL? So that's the going rate for a "yes" vote on a terrible piece of legislation. Pretty cheap considering how much the bill is costing Hudson Valley families.

But, we digress. Let's take a look at the non-industry PACS. These guys turn out to be money-bundlers who, in effect, raise money from folks and then give it to Sue, so the folks who really gave it don’t show up on Sue’s reports. Like who, for instance? Let's pick"Every Republican Is Crucial" (ERICPAC) sounds interesting.

ERICPAC happens to be the creation of Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor, who also happens to be a close associate of...drumroll, please...TOM DELAY. His name just keeps popping up, doesn't it?

Let's give that a click:

Let's click on "Contributions received by this candidates committee."

Whoa...RJ Reynolds and Altria show up...a lot. Tobacco money, huh? Wonder what they want and why would Sue want to hide their names from public eyes? Bet you won't hear a single reference to those contributions in any of her campaign speeches.

Let's hit the back button and then click on the "individuals" who give to ERICPAC.

WOW..lots's of folks. Hundreds of them want to give to Congressman Cantor's "Every Republican is Crucial" PAC.

Now, we note the names, Edwin Buckham, Daniel Gans and Allison Shulman. Let's click those:

Why did we choose these folks? They all are members of a group called the Alexander Strategy Group. Now what the heck is that? Well, let's be good search monkeys and check in with wickopedia and see what they have to say:

Can you read that?

The Alexander Strategy Group (ASG), a Republican Party-associated lobbying and political strategy firm with offices in Washington, DC, and Hong Kong, was founded in 1998 by Ed Buckham, Thomas D. DeLay's former Chief of Staff, "with a huge initial contract that DeLay secured from Enron. (The group also paid DeLay's wife a salary for several years.)

There's that pesky TOM DELAY guy again...but let's read on...

On January 9, 2006, ASG announced it would be closing shop due to being "fatally damaged by publicity about the ongoing federal investigation into the affairs of" and "its ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former House majority leader Tom DeLay."

Well, well, wasn't that fun? So, dive in, look around and report back. We know Sue Kelly isn't working for us, so let's play Follow The Money and discover Who's Sue's Daddy!

Laborers Political League, Internaional Union of Operating Engineers, National Air Traffic Controllers Assoc. & Laborers International Union - those are 4 labor unions if I'm not mistaken, that have given Kelly over $15,000. She is clearly a tool of organized labor. can she be a right wing conservative and still get support from unions?
Answer: far right conservatives don't get support from unions.

And judging by her voting record, they wasted their money...

4 Unions and $15,000 out of a total of $446,650 or 3.35% of her total PAC money.

Now, let's look at the Financial Services Industry...I stopped counting at $50,000. Now, I think the unions better cough up some more cash if they hope to get some love from Sue.


I'm against taking ANY PAC MONEY. matter which PAC it is.


OT, everyone. I have a request, Please sign in with a name and post under that name. We will soon not allow anonymous comments. Having a name show some respect to the community.

Now we have a tool to educate the constituents of the 19th Congressional Distict why Rep kelly votes against us, her constituents.
Now we have a tool to educate the constituents of the 19th Congressional District why Rep Kelly votes against us, her constituents.

Each and every voter should have the opportunity to make an educated choice this November.

Lets educate them.

Lets elect a true citizen legislator.
Wow. God Sue must be sweatin'. Nice post.

Clearly her hacks are.

Nice post! Clearly people have learned how to investigate their own Congress man/woman now.

Spectacular post! Thanks for the tutorial!

Can't wait to get started on my homework!
It's pretty interesting you're running this stuff today. I wonder if you're monitoring the website and email list? Just last week this information was published there in some detail and there was a side by side comparison of where all the candidates are getting their monies from as well as a breakdown of how local congressional representatives voted on environmental issues. You might want to check it out.
Ok so I am on the web site and for the life of me the FEC is not coughing up any and I mean any info on my 2 congress critters, Walsh 25 and Boehlert 24. What's going on here has the fec been hacked, or has someone locked me out of the FEC site

You can get a lot of the same info at
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