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In good company?

For someone who clings to the word moderate better than a piece of Saran Wrap, Sue seems to be spending a lot more time with some very unmoderate folks. Exhibit A? Next week's Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration sponsored by the New York Young Republican Club, which will be honoring Sue for "keep(ing) the Reagan Revolution alive and thriving".

But perhaps more interesting than the event itself is who Sue will be sharing the dais with: Stephen Moore, of the decidedly unmoderate Club For Growth. Last year, Moore was one of the big proponents of privatizing Social Security -- an idea that didn't sit well with many in the 19th, or many others anywhere.

Even more intriguing is that Niger Innis will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Not familiar with Innis? Then you probably don't watch a lot of talk shows on cable TV. That's because Innis, who serves as spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, an organization run by his father, Roy, has managed to significantly increase his fame by becoming an African-American Conservative. Innis loves to talk about how environmentalists are ruining everything for big companies, as he noted in the introduction to a book called Eco-Imperialism. Innis also likes to pen opinion pieces for the far-right CNS News Service, the same folks who first "broke" the Swift Boat story back in 2004.

You know what they say about the company you keep. Sue might call herself a moderate. But wishing doesn't make it so.

All that's missing in Anne Coulter.
Guilt by association? Come on, can't you guys do better than that?

The question should be, "Can't SUE KELLY do better than that?"

and to answer your question...Yes we can do better and we will do better in November by alleviating Sue Kelly of her present responsibilities.

RE: association.

Remember the 2004 election when Kerry was lambasted for attending the same rally as Jane Fonda in the late 60's...and they were just two strangers to each other, attending a rally, not even speaking...and THAT was supposed to mean Kerry was a "traitor."

In this case, Sue Kelly is sharing the dais and was invited to come to this event. She knows full well who these people are and what they stand for...and what it means to appear with them.

If you appear on on Rush Limbaugh's radio show as a special guest it says something about your politics.
Many of you seem to forget that a moajority of Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan. If I remember correctly there was a phase coined that is still used today "Reagan Democrates."

And if you want to go by the guilt by association theroy we could start with some of the top Dems in the land. Hattyu Reid, Bill and Hillary Clinton oh the list goes on.

Fact- Rep. Kelly was elected by the MAJORTITY of the people in the 19th District.

The last thing the 19th District needs is another Hinchy like liberal that works in a tireless fashion to bash our President during a time of War and to, based on pure politics, speak out against every thing Pres. Bushsays.
Well, you can continue to send love letters to Ronnie, but this blog is focusing on Kelly. The point is, take19 is full of people who voted for her in the past (Dems, Independents, and Reps)but are tired of her acting like a sock puppet for Tom Delay, Roy Blunt, and Karl Rove. Lamb Chop showed more independence than Sue does.
Keep Kelly:

A "moajority" (sic) of Democrats didn't vote for Reagan...enough did to hand him a victory, but certainly far short of a majority of the Democrats. Actually, as many Republicans voted for Clinton in 1996 as Democrats voted for Reagan in 1984.

You are correct that most people in the 19th district voted for Kelly last time around. We hope to change that in 2006 by educating people about who she really is and what she really represents.

And this blog isn't about Maurice Hinchy, it's about Sue Kelly and her disasterous voting record as our "representative."

But, to take your bait and to follow your logic, a majority of the people in his district voted for him last time around and I'm sure you would like to see that change, yes? Well, we are acting on our desire for change. Very American, I think.
Keep Kelly:

If you think the country is headed in the right direction, if you agree that the Iraq War was a good thing to do and it's been a huge success, if you like to have deficits as far the eye can see, if you like the way the economy is going, if you like global warming, if you want to live in abject fear of Osama while doing nothing to bring him to justice, if you want you a representative to support the corporate status quo while bankrupting its citizens, then go right ahead and vote for Sue Kelly and other Republicans.

If you don't want more of the same, then it makes no sense to support those who got us here.

Personally, I think we can do much better.
We'll try not to be too snarky here, Keep Kelly, but many of us are involved in this cause because we don't want our kids to wind up spelling and writing like you. Kelly's 3 separate votes to cut federal student loans were simply irresponsible for the middle class moderates she claims to represent.
take19: typical elitist liberal comment. congratulations on showing your true colors.
Typical coward: saying nasty things and doing it anonymously. Hmmm...what does that remind us of? Swift Boats, Jeff Gannon and Valerie Plame.

Thankfully, we learned how to write before Sue voted to cut our student loans.
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