Saturday, February 04, 2006


Hello, Qatar?

Those of us who have been wondering how Sue spent her six weeks off -- after all, she hasn't exactly been a big presence in the district and couldn't even show up for a meeting that she called in late January on the immigration crisis in Brewster -- now have an answer: she was busy meeting with the Ambassador to Qatar.

Apparently, the meeting went so well that Sue was invited to attend the Doha Forum on Democracy, Development, Trade and Freedom. A quick search finds that she attended this conference last year too, and rang up nearly $9,000 in bills that were paid for by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce.

Last we checked, there wasn't a big Qatari voting-bloc here in the 19th. And now that the influential Cook Political Report has declared the 19th a competitive district (click on the February 3 report), it seems like Sue needs to spend a little more time a bit closer to home.

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