Wednesday, February 22, 2006


For the Record...

While it was interesting to pick up the paper -- okay, the online version -- this morning and read this article about Sue's lackeys trying to sabotage the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, by making numerous changes to her profile, we need to clear the air about one thing: Take19 was not involved in the so-called edit war. One member made one change. We did, however, monitor the rapid-fire changes by Sue's online henchmen and we will admit to sending one of Sue's stooges a little love note encouraging them to stop this childish behavior post haste.

We realize the whole Internets thing (to borrow a phrase from W) is new to some folks, so here's a little lesson: Take19 is fact-based opinion. Wiki is just facts. If you want to spin Sue, go somewhere else. Don't mess with the Wiki, because we're watching.

Rep Sue Kelly has the support of people who want to rewrite history.

Just like her mentors W and Tom Delie, whoops, Delay.

You know, the truths of:
WMD in Iraq.
Tax cuts for the rich are good for everyone.
Cutting financial aide is good for higher education.
Medicare part D is good for our Seniors.
Cutting veterans benefits is good for our men and women who faught overseas.
Not providing armor is good for the health of our soldiers fighting overseas.
Shooting a friend while drunk is not a crime.
Forests are kept healthy by cutting them down.
The air we breath is kept clean by writing a clear skies initiative to allow for more air pollution.
Inflation is only 4.1% (if you don't count housing, food, energy or health care).

Yep, Rep Sue sure likes "her" truth.

Do you?

Respectfully Submitted,
A. Williams Cass
A Progressive in Poughkeepsie, NY
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