Friday, February 17, 2006


Dazed and confused...

Don't you hate when you dash off an email only to realize seconds later that you just sent something embarrassing to the wrong person? It happens to the best of us, including, apparently, Sue Kelly, who sent this letter to someone who had contacted Sue about her disturbing vote to cut $12.7 billion from federal student loans.

From: "Rep. Sue Kelly"
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:04:22 -0500
Subject: Responding to your message

February 16, 2006

Dear Mr. X:

Thank you for contacting me with your support for protecting our
2nd Amendment rights.

I share your strong support for our rights under the 2nd
Amendment. We both know that the answer to violence in our
society will not be found through the expansion of firearms laws.
It's a bigger problem than that, and it's inappropriate for the issue
to be oversimplified by an exclusive focus on new regulations,
especially those which may fail to acknowledge our Constitutional

Since coming to Congress, I have consistently supported
legislation to protect the rights of law-abiding American's to bear
arms. H.R. 47, the Citizens' Self-Defense Act, effectively
reiterates that Constitutional privilege and is currently pending in
the House Committee on Judiciary. Please know that I will keep
our strong, mutual thoughts in mind if this measure comes before
me on the House floor for a vote. Thanks again for contacting me.


Sue Kelly
Member of Congress

As it turns out, this particular constituent is in favor of stronger gun control laws, so Sue's accidental email was particularly enlightening. But it's just another example of how Sue says different things to different people. Perhaps Sue has too much on her plate. It must be all that non-campaigning -- like the eight press releases she issued this past week -- that her spokesman says she's been doing.

She's been hanging around with the Bush administration too long. Can't keep anything straight.
particularly funny given the Cheney debacle, now that I think of it.
Moderate, huh? This is why she has always been known as Machine-gun Kelly.
You guys are really reaching now. An elected official isn't allowed to make a mistake. Nice to know you are all perfect.

At least she has not been stopped by airport secuirty for trying to carry a handgun onto an airplane. That was your good friend Hinchy.
In my case, it isn't just a mistake, its a history and a pattern of mistakes.

I am registered independant, and actually voted for Sue early in her Congressional career. But never again.

I have written to Sue Kelly about 30 times over the past 5 years expressing my opinion about an upcoming or past vote.

Roughly 90% of the time, I receive no reply at all, although she seems to reply more often near to election times.

Of the replies that I do receive, about half are thanking me for my support of some legislation, when in fact I wrote asking her to vote AGAINST that legislation.

The rest of her replies do not even address the points I raised, but instead are GOP talking points, usually half-truths that try to soften the awful parts of the legislation.

If she had shown any independance and had occasionally broken with the corrupt house leadership, I would still consider her this fall. But enough is enough.
What was it your icon said at those debates... of yeah, "There you go again." Last time I checked this was "take19" not "take22." Let's stick with the topic at hand my friend... the topic was Sue's admiration of Charlton Heston and Steven Seigal.
The founders of this great nation wrote into the foundation of our rights the right to keep and bear arms. For all the efforts of the left, this right will never go away.

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of your rights. Here you take advantage of the right of free speach. Many more honest Americans should take advantage of the right to bear arms. You would be surprised what would happen when not just the bad guys had them.
We saw what happens when the bad guys have them last week in Texas.
defeetkelly.....What happened last week was an accident. We must remember just because he is an elected offical does not mean that he has no emotions. They way the media has treated Chaney is shamful. As are you!
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