Friday, January 20, 2006



Those of us who have real jobs -- ones where we're required to put in some face time at the office -- know how good it feels when Friday finally rolls around. But Sue, who's currently wrapping up week four of her six-week recess has had lots of Fridays lately. And she still has another week and a half of Fridays left.

Sure, she's been floating around in the district. Two weeks ago, she journeyed to the City of Poughkeepsie, which last time we checked, wasn't even in her district. Last week, she made it to Warwick and just yesterday, she was in New Windsor talking up some piece of legislation that's likely to go nowhere fast, like most of her initiatives do.

But one event a week can hardly be described as a grueling schedule. So what else has she been doing with her time? Beats us! Republican leaders in the House set this long recess back in December because they were still hopeful that indicted former House leader/Sue's patron Tom DeLay would be able to resolve his legal woes by the end of January. Of course, it hasn't quite worked out that way. Yet, Sue's paid recess continues. She'll be back at work on January 31.

Regarding the legislative tax relief proposal touted in New Windsor: I noticed that it applied to household incomes of $160,000 and up. The annual median income for a household in that very town is $51,113 (per Wikipedia). Guess we won't hear too many champagne corks popping even if this unlikely bill passes. Will Sue Kelly mention this little loophole on the stump? I'm taking bets ...
Sue plans to pay for her tax plan by eliminating bureaucratic waste. A couple of questions:

1. If she was aware of such waste previously why has she not come forward? And if she if aware of such waste now why does she not come forward with the details so we can all benefit right now?

2. Why does she not give the particulars of her plan to eliminate waste so everyone can see it is not a fairy tale? And who allowed this waste to occur so we cab get rid of those people?

Bill D'Avanzo
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