Sunday, January 08, 2006


Multiple choice

We're still trying to figure out what to make of this story in today's Times that has Sue Kelly describing Eliot Spitzer as a thug. So here's a little multiple choice quiz:

A. Kelly is worried about Spitzer's name being at the top of the ticket in November
B. Kelly is simply following the Republican playbook to portray Spitzer as some sort of hothead, as evidenced by this string of stories
C. Sue's finally lost touch with reality
D. All of the above

Cast your vote here or by posting a comment to this post.

Sue Kelly can continue the republican politics of personal destruction but we won't stand by! We will rapid response any attack and released the following statement:

John Hall Condemns Kelly's Attack on Eliot Spitzer

Kelly Putting Republican Culture of Corruption Before Her District

For Immediate Release

(Dover Plains, NY) Congressioal candidate John Hall condemed Sue Kelly's baseless attack on Eliot Spitzer in the New York Times article, "G.O.P Finds Hope in Spitzer's Hard Edge," January 8, 2006.

Hall said, "On the same day that Sue's political boss Tom Delay is under indictment and resigning as majority leader, it is outrageous that she would level these baseless attacks against Eliot Spitzer."

Hall continued, "Spitzer has boldly stood up and fought white collar crime, protecting the people of the 19th district. Sue Kelly has done the opposite and puts special interests before the district and supports legislation that would hamper investigations of white collar crimes."

Hall concluded, "Instead of Sue Kelly attacking a dedicated public servant, maybe she should get to work returning Tom Delay's tainted campaign contributions."
It's D. Of course maybe there's an "E" option: those who choose to keep Dirty Delay money are natural enemies of honest prosecutors.
Not directly on point, but since we don't have open threads yet...

Anyone interested in seeing the full list of top-notch Hall campaign staff should go to:
Sue Kelly gets a million dollars a year, mostly from Abramhoff/Delay style special intrests. A read of her bills shows the money hasn't been wasted. It's no wonder she is so much against reform. Muck raking Spitzer probably offends her sense of naughty / nice balance.
"d" - all of the above. Though, I think Sue has lost touch with reality a long, long, long time ago.
(D)efintely D!
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