Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Who's she kidding?

A fellow blogger points us toward The Counterterrorism Blog which has a copy of a letter that Sue sent to President Bush just last week about her serious concerns over Saudia Arabia and terror financing.

But here's the thing: does she really expect Bush -- a man known for executive summaries -- to read an 11 page letter, including a full page in Arabic? Or is it just more posturing on Sue's part, making it seem like she's doing something when she's really doing nothing?

Whether it's posturing or not, I don't think Bush will ever do anything to offend the Saudis. He's too busy sucking up to them. Bandar even has a nickname (Bandar Bush)! So, posturing or not, it will still end up being ineffectual.
And the radical right votes continue as sue votes to reauthorize the Patriot Act without needed ammendments.


Please read John Hall's platform on how we can redefine national security to protect us ALL!

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