Saturday, December 03, 2005


Weather forecast: Lots of hot air

This week, while still on her "working" vacation, Sue sounded an alarm about supposed changes to weather monitoring at Stewart Airport. In a letter that she sent to the FAA, Sue made it sound like pilots were flying blind through blizzards, without the benefit of an accurate forecast. Here's an excerpt:

“This development poses an unacceptable safety risk and I request that you remedy the situation immediately. Weather services are critical to any airport, including Stewart, and their loss poses an unnecessary and unacceptable threat to passenger safety.”

The only problem is that there is no problem with the weather service at Stewart, as this brief in Friday's Poughkeepsie Journal noted. The so-called problem, which lasted overnight, was fixed by Oct. 4, which should have given Sue more than enough time to check her facts before sounding the alarm. Then again, it is a "working" vacation so she has to make it seem like she's doing something.

Still, doesn't the mid-Hudson Valley deserve something better than a bunch of hot air from their Representative in Congress?

Looks like Sue is taking a page out of Chuck Schumer's playbook.
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