Friday, December 30, 2005


Wake up, Suzy!

While we realize that Sue is in the midst of a six-week long Congressional recess and isn't due back in Washington until Jan. 31, we were more than a bit shocked to see this story about small businesses taking advantage of a special program designed to help businesses impacted by the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, and not even a peep from Sue.

After all, the former florist likes to portray herself as the voice of small business and is even a ranking member on the House Small Business committee. Clearly, this is an issue that's tailor-made for her, particularly since there's probably plenty of businesses in this area that were genuinely impacted by Sept. 11.

As the article notes, millions of dollars in loans went to small businesses -- including a restaurant in Florida and a tanning salon in Nevada -- that never should have received this money. Indeed, an audit found that 85% of the loans granted under the SBA's Supplemental Terrorist Activity Relief (STAR) lacked justification for receiving these special earmarked funds.

Time to wake up, Suzy. Your district is waiting to hear from you.

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