Monday, December 26, 2005


Oops...she did it again....

Last month, we poked fun at Sue for sending out the same exact letter about the war in Iraq to a constituent in October as she had in late November, despite the fact that things had changed dramatically during that six weeks. Well, a month later, and Sue is still sending out the same tired letter, a letter, we'll note, that still says absolutely nothing. Here it is again, for your reading pleasure:

From: "Rep. Sue Kelly"
Date: December 22, 2005 2:31:22 PM EST
Subject: Responding to your message

December 22, 2005

Dear xyz:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns for U.S.
military action in Iraq. I appreciate having the benefit of your
views on this matter.

I appreciate your concerns on this critically important issue. As
you well know, there are many aspects of Operation Iraqi Freedom
that merit continued examination and debate. As a legislator, I
believe that a top priority must be ensuring that American soldiers
and citizens working in Iraq right now are given all necessary
support for completing their job successfully. It has been and will
continue to be a tough job for our forces and for Iraqis who are
committed to achieving a democratic, secure Iraq, but their
courageous efforts have resulted in progress: Iraq is now a
sovereign nation with the first democratically elected government
in over fifty years. That said, there remain significant challenges
ahead, and it's essential that we approach them properly. Please
know that I am committed to supporting our efforts in a way that
best protects our forces on the ground and our national security.

Once again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to
contact me again if I can be of any assistance in the future.


Sue Kelly
Member of Congress

Isn't it time the people of the 19th had a Representative who actually put some time and thought into an issue instead of sending out the same tired letter over and over again? Forget about the rest of us for a minute: don't the veterans and National Guard members who live in this district at least deserve better?

And remember, we're tracking these letters, so when you get one, be sure to send a copy to take19 (at)

UPDATE: One reader sent in the same exact letter from Sue that was dated June 30. Good to know our elected official is really monitoring current events and staying on top of the news!

This monster has never bothered to respond to any of my communications. I guess I don't contribute enough.
Sue Kelly has got to go. She is useless and a typical example of how a republican congress takes its constituents for granted.
Well, it looks as if Sue Kelly won't be getting over 60% of the vote again this time. Please keep me informed of any election news in your district so I can update my prediction site.
I've gotten this exact letter 3 times, each time I sent a different concern over the Iraq War.

The only thing Sue Kelly does is suck up to the administraion for her own gain. Which given the current trend in polling lately her polls should be a lot lower than she thinks
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