Sunday, December 11, 2005


Au contraire...

It seems like lots of people took exception to the NY Times story two weeks ago that called Sue "the voice of conscience" on Indian Point, judging by the long list of letters that ran today. And judging by people who were contacted by the Times to confirm their letters, there were many more that didn't wind up in print. Indeed, one letter writer said the editor told him that they had received more letters on this article than on just about anything else.

For the most part, the letters said that whatever Sue has done so far on Indian Point has basically amounted to window dressing. So while she thinks she's fooling people into thinking she's doing something, the people who live in her district know what's really going on.

Soo much money in nuclear "saftey" contracts. But Indian Point isn't Aphid (Sue) Kelly's only plant. She's now helping GE dredge-not PCB's out of the Hudson River by working on a $26 million tax payer funded "the hudson looks so clean" propoganda center.
I'd like to know, "What is your plan, Sue?"

...and have you contacted Tom Delay to make sure it's okay?
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