Monday, November 21, 2005


We're blushing...

How flattering to see so many people with addresses reading this modest little blog! A quick skim of our stats shows that we're attracting something of a regular following amongst people 200-plus miles south of the 19th CD. Could it be Sue or one of her minions checking out what Take19 has to say about her? So we're watching her and she's watching us. How very Orwellian!

If it was Sue and/or her minions, one would hope that she would take the hint and do what's right for the people in her district, instead of blindly rubber-stamping whatever DeLay and the boys send her way. This IS NY, after all, not Alabama or Wyoming! Then, maybe we wouldn't be looking to replace her! (Maybe...)

Maybe it's folks from the DCCC checking things out. I hope they send some support, as well as a good candidate. Last time, we had someone get shot down in the primary who was good on paper, but had no support or presence outside of her website. She was replaced by someone whose sole qualification seemed to be that he was annoying, and got his picture taken with prominent local pols. C'mon DCCC, don't write the 19th off!
If the 19th Congressional is looking for an awesome candidate to replace Sue Kelly (which is a must) check out Darren Rigger at
http:/ Darren's strength, integrity and wisdom will be a welcomed change for the 19th Congressional. In my opinion, he is the best candidate for the 19th Congressional. Darren has the tools that are needed to help us take back the 19th and continue the fight in DC.
By the way... following your lead...

Your neighbors to the north...
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