Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Sue's "working" vacation...

With Congress still on its two-week Thanksgiving break -- you mean you didn't get two weeks off for Thanksgiving? -- Sue seems determined to prove she's hard at work here in the Hudson Valley. And there's nothing like an upcoming campaign -- and numerous stories about her multi-faceted competition -- to make Sue dance just a little bit harder and make it seem like she's actually working.

On Monday, for example, fresh off the puff piece in the Westchester section of the Times about how she's fighting hard on Indian Point, Sue issued this press release on a meeting she held at her Yorktown offices with Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials. Of course, the online Mid-Hudson News posted the press release practically verbatim.

Then on Tuesday, Sue issued two releases -- one for Orange, the other for Dutchess -- about her efforts to secure FEMA funds for damages caused by last month's flooding. It's almost as if she's saying, "See guys, I'm really working. So pay no attention to all those other candidates circling around me like sharks."

Speaking about those candidates, now that they have all formally announced their campaigns, we've added links to each of their sites on the left hand side of the blog. Be sure to check all of them out. After all, isn't it time the Hudson Valley had a Congressman/woman who was actually working instead of pretending to work?

If Sue were really worried about Indian Point, she'd call for it's closure and nothing else. Instead she boosts one saftey concern for Entergy to pay for after another.

Is the fox trying to nickel / dime them out of business or selling broken glass insurance?
Rep. Sue Kelly is all talk and no action. Kelly, who is described in the Times article as a squeaky wheel, has become just that: an inanimate object spinning in place without ever moving forward on the issue.

For more than a decade Kelly has had the opportunity to help solve
this problem but instead chooses to remain on the sidelines.

Every prominent Democratic elected official who has closely studied the issue(including Rep. Nita Lowey and County Executive Andy Spano) have called for Indian Point Nuclear power plant to be closed down. Kelly refuses to call for its closure. In lock step with the Republicans currently running Washington, DC she will not risk taking on a major energy corporation like Entergy.

This is an issue where lives are at stake and we need action not more speeches.
I think most of us are here for the same reason - to defeat Sue Kelly.

One aspect of that is: who would be the strongest opponent. Perhaps we could have a forum of some sort on that. (Not who is the best, but who among the Democrats is most likely to defeat Kelly.) I would be happy to provide my name in such a forum.

Another suggestion is a contest for the top 10 most ridiculous votes by Sue Kelly or most ridiculous blunders. My top candidate would be her vote against prescription drug re-importation from Canada - on which I can provide detailed information.

A close second is her vote in favor of allowing handguns to be carried in Wash. DC without a licence.

Bill D'Avanzo
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