Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Starting to sweat?

On the day after elections, when an ultra-conservative like Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who represents an overwhelmingly Republican district in an overwhelmingly Republican state says he'd prefer if President Bush kept his distance, it's got to mean that Sue Kelly, who represents an overwhelmingly moderate district, is starting to sweat.

Although Sue might like folks in the district to believe she's a moderate, a quick skim of her votes shows they bear a remarkable similarity with her indicted patron, Tom DeLay and other hard core Conservatives. Take this one earlier today or this one yesterday. Both votes (and literally hundreds of others) show that when push comes to shove, Sue consistently votes with her party instead of voting with the best interests of her district in mind.

We have a year until Election Day 2006. It may be November, but things are heating up in the 19th!

UPDATE: As this article in today's Record notes, Democrats made significant gains in Orange County. It's starting to look like a downright heat-wave!

She got it wrong on the budget reconcilation vote which has numerous very damaging environmental problems. Roll call 601.
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