Sunday, November 27, 2005


Post-Thanksgiving sweet...

Thanksgiving may have been a few days ago, but the NY Times' Westchester section served up something sweeter than a pecan pie, as least as far as Sue was concerned. In this article that ran on the front of the Westchester section today, the reporter actually made it seem like Sue was doing something concrete about Indian Point.

Of course, given that the reporter made a huge mistake in the fourth graf of the story -- she said that Sue recently voted to cut $50 million from vital programs in the federal budget such as Medicaid and federal student loans when in fact the real number is $50 billion with a B -- it's hard to take the rest of the article all that seriously.

Still, readers not all that familiar with Sue's spinning might be led to believe that she is fighting hard, or as the article notes, is "the outspoken conscience" on Indian Point. But other than writing a few letters to the NRC and FEMA and putting out a press release or two, her conscience amounts to little more than lots of talk.

Hey, what's a few Orders of Magnitude among friends?
Just as a frame of reference:
If you counted a million dollars and it took you a second to count each one, it would take you about about 12 days, and a billion dollars at one/second would take about 31 years. . . and 50 billion would be o, about 1,585 years? So quit yer quibbling!
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