Saturday, November 19, 2005


Journal-News slams Sue...

What a delight to wake up this morning and see The Journal News bash Sue in an editorial on her late-night budget antics. As the editorial noted, Sue's vote was for "a sham reduction hailed as fiscal responsibility by the House Republican leadership." We at Take19 couldn't have said it better ourselves. It's not clear why the Poughkeepsie Journal or the Times Herald-Record -- the other two large papers in the 19th -- chose not to write about this significant vote. Why not contact the Record or the PoJo (you'll have to scroll down for the news/editorial contacts on the PoJo site) and ask them why they haven't written anything about this important vote?

It is truly heartening to read articles regarding the sham reduction hailed as fiscal responsibility by the House Republican leadership.

Might I add that when her office was contacted Friday Night during the House Vote regarding the soldiers in Iraq...the comment that they gave me was "Sue Kelly supports the troops and she will be voting NO."

I did take the time to advise this person working for Sue that I did not call to ask whether Sue Kelly supports the soldiers.

EVERY AMERICAN supports the soldiers, the quandry created by the Repugs is that anyone who speaks up about the War in Iraq is labelled as a person speaking against the soldiers.

Sue Kelly seems to follow that procedure. Must admit those repugs certainly follow suit.

As Take19 proceeds forward do you think the websites of ALL the candidates could be listed in the sidebar??

Such as this one. He has announced he is running.
Here's what I wrote to the Record:

I am curious to know why you chose not to cover the recent vote in the House in which a $50 million budget reduction was passed by a slim margin late at night. This story gained national (and local attention) for the reprehensible actions of the Republicans in passing this bill that punishes the poor while their party is busy elsewhere cutting taxes for the rich.

Here's what the Journal News had to say: Deficit-reduction sham (Original publication: November 19, 2005) Rep. Sue Kelly, R-Katonah, was a key vote on the wrong side of a 217-215 wee-hours roll-call vote in the House yesterday to slash $50 million in benefit programs for the poor in the guise of deficit reduction. It's a sham reduction hailed as fiscal responsibility by the House Republican leadership. Cutting Medicaid, food stamps and student loans won't reduce the deficit when Congress is poised to extend $70 billion in tax cuts that will mostly benefit the wealthy. (continued at

I know you covered Congress' recent salary increase, and this story was very well done, but please give this issue the attention it deserves. Our representative in Orange, Sue Kelly, was a key player in enabling this debacle.
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