Thursday, October 20, 2005


Voting for the NRA...

Earlier today, Sue voted for the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" which as the National Rife Association noted in this press release handed the NRA a "historic victory". No less than "freedom truth and justice prevailed" as a result of the vote, the NRA boasted.

So what does this "historic victory" really mean? It essentially prevents gun manufacturers from being held responsible when guns -- even those purchased illegally, like the majority of guns used in crimes here in the 19th -- wind up in the hands of gang members. The NRA's Chief Lobbyist, Chris Cox (no relation to former Rep. Chris Cox who now heads the SEC) waxed poetic on the victory: "We are a safer country today because Congress passed this critical legislation and acted to save American icons like Remington, Ruger, Winchester and Smith & Wesson from politically motivated lawsuits. Our men and women in uniform abroad and at home now will not have to rely on France, China or Germany to supply their firearms,” Cox added.

We wish we were making this hyperbole up. Imagine the horror of West Point cadets being forced to carry inferior Chinese guns! But unfortunately, Sue fell hook line and sinker for the NRA's argument.

Machine Gun Kelly is at it again.
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