Saturday, October 15, 2005


Tuesday is for mulligans!

Got a regular job? You know...the type most of us need to pay our mortgages? Then chances are you won't be joining Sue as she tees off Tuesday around 10 a.m. -- a time of day when most people are actually at work.

Of course, you'd need more than a flexible job to join Sue on Tuesday: just like the breakfast she had with a bunch of well-heeled bankers on Oct. 6, the mid-day golf outing requires a sizable contribution to Sue's campaign coffers. Still, at least Sue's cash-cow breakfast gave people who attended a chance to get in some office time as opposed to a golf game that starts at 10 and probably lasts until 2 p.m.

Now, since Sue plans to play golf when she should be busy working, we hope she'll at least share her score with the folks who are paying her salary.

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