Thursday, October 27, 2005


Sue takes aim at non-profits...

When it comes to a particular issue, it's practically impossible to find one that over 500 non-partisan, non-profit groups -- from the AIDS Institute to the YWCA -- can agree on. But yesterday, they all managed to agree that an amendment passed as part of a piece of legislation called the Housing Reform Act, was unconstitutional and needed to be defeated.

Among the groups spearheading the effort to defeat the legislation, which if approved by the Senate, would prohibit non-profit groups from engaging in such non-partisan events as voter registration, was the League of Women Voters, a group best-known for sponsoring voter registration and various debates. Here's what that super-radical group had to say about the legislation, which like some of the more controversial laws passed by the House this year eked through with a very narrow margin of 210 to 205. The vote was so close because 13 Republicans crossed party lines.

So how did Sue vote? Was she one of the 13? Not a chance. Once again, this so-called moderate sided with the more radical wing of her party, despite the fact that 2 of those 13 Republicans who crossed were from New York. Another Republican who decided that the League of Women Voters voter registration drives weren't a serious threat, Mark Kennedy of Minnesota, had this to say about the legislation that passed. What does Sue have to say? Who knows?

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