Saturday, September 10, 2005


Sue wonders: what if?

Given FEMA's bang-up job in bringing disaster relief to the Gulf Coast -- an emergency that has been predicted and that emergency officials have been practicing for -- it's a bit scary to think about how they might handle something that they weren't anticipating, like an attack on Indian Point.

Now even Sue is beginning to ask questions. Last week, she issued this press release calling on FEMA to meet with officials in the neighboring counties to talk about their disaster preparedness.

Sue's office didn't release a copy of the letter, so it's hard to tell exactly how strongly it was worded. Judging by her namby-pamby letters to constituents (we're still collecting them), we're betting not too strongly. Still, now that FEMA head Michael Brown isn't calling the shots on the Gulf Coast, perhaps he has some time in his busy schedule to talk to Sue about how things would be done differently here.

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